I created a program to view the panorama pictures. When you use this program, it seems you're there yourself. The viewer will display all bitmap and JPeg images in a directory. The panorama will slide over your screen from left to right. Download images from this site and imagine your in Corsica or Toscane!

The viewer is still beta. It will only use the 1024x768 screen resolution. DirectX 7 is required. When something goes wrong, it won't display a sensable error message (it just crashes). Use it at your own risk!

The panorama viewer is copyright 2003 by Jacco Eerland.


How to download the viewer

You can download the viewer here. Extract the viewer from the zip and copy it to your harddrive.

How to install the viewer

When you run the viewer, it will by default display all images in the same directory as the viewer. The images will be displayed in random order.

How to configure the viewer

Run the viewer once. It will create a ini file in the same directory as the viewer. Open this ini file. It will look something like this:


The 'Filesdir' setting is used by the viewer to find out where it can find the images to display. The value of the 'Filesdir' setting must be a valid directory.
The 'HeightPercentage' setting is used to tell the viewer which part of the vertical screen size to use the display the images. This way you can create for instance a widescreen (16:9) view instead of a default 4:3 view.

How to use the viewer

A much more complete panorama viewer is WPanorama. You can find WPanorama here.